A record making patchwork in Nogent-le-Roi !

In 1997, Mr Mallet, the mayor of Nogent-le-Roi (Eure-et-Loir) asked our club "Au Fil de l'Eure" to make a patchwork for the table in the wedding Room of the Town Hall.
We felt quite honored by his request and felt it our duty to make something exceptional. We had to design our project, and to receive information because the mayor asked us for a representation of wedding symbols in our work. There would also have to be the main characters of the wedding ceremony.
We asked one of our members, Michelle Thiebaut, who is in charge of a Bridal Crown museum in Vacheresse-les-Basses (Eure-et-Loir)to help us.
Yveline's husband, René Leroy, who is an artist, drew the Town Hallfor us and we placed some characters in front of it.
Smaranda Bourgery gave us a wonderful design for the newlyweds.
We spent a year working on it; we needed a lot of organizing for sharing the task and for buying the different fabric.
We all reacted differently at the onset of the project, but little by little all the members became more and more enthusiastic as the project went on. I think that today they are all very proud to have submitted on February 27th 1999 to the mayor a tablecloth 2.65m wide, 5.30 long and weighing 7.5 kilos !
Herre is a beautiful collective masterpiece that we shall not forget!
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